Jumaat, Januari 16, 2009

1st post in the 1st month of the year

i haven't write for a couple of weeks, due to been busy handling the office job and handling sore throat, running nose, cough and fever at the same time. although the doctor gave me 4 days MC and stay at home for a good rest, actually it is not enough. being sick at the same time taking care of rahimi, who is also had a fever doesn't make me feel any better.

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arina berkata...

thanks for the insight. actually budak2 tu akak tak risau sgt. sebabnya for me selagi belum darjah 6 for upsr, i still can live with the different exposure. TAPI you are very correct about rasa susah hati tentang nak lepaskan my current position kat company ni. for me that will be the BIGGEST challenge. tetambah pula with the current economic downturn. susah nak dapat kerja lain, so forth. itulah ketakutan nombor wahid.

tapi rasa nak pergi itu stronger than that. dan juga selagi kita berusaha dan bertawakal pada allah, rezeki itu pasti ada. i'm not sure what the future will hold. but i think i will go for it anyway. tolong doakan kami sekeluarga ok. insyaallah this will be for the better.

-kak ana-