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act in spite of mood

"I don't 'feel' like it", is a common chant we often say to ourselves or to others when we're tired, not in the mood, or simply procrastinating. No doubt feelings are important and need to be acknowledged, yet at the same time, they often prevent us from taking the action we need to take, at the time we need to take it. Consequently, in the end, because we didn’t do what we needed to do, we tend to feel worse.

It takes courage to act regardless of your current mood. It's easy to succumb to your feelings. But remember, your feelings come from your thoughts, and you have the power to change your thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you will change the way you feel. Instead of focusing on how you're not in the mood, focus on the benefit of completing whatever needs to get done. Focus on how you'll feel when you’re finished and how proud you'll be of yourself for acting in spite of not being in the perfect mood.

Utilize the "law of momentum" which states that, "A body at rest tends to remain at rest while a body in motion tends to remain in motion". In short, get into motion! Remember, moods are a product of the "mind". The trick is simple: don't think, just do it! Train yourself to "get started" even if you're not in the mood. Moods tend to quickly dissipate once you're in action.

Whenever you don't "feel" like it, check in with your current thoughts. What are you thinking that is resulting in this feeling? Then simply change your thoughts. Remember, action generally comes from your higher self, the part of you that is for growth and expansion. Inaction generally comes from your protective mind, the part of you that tries to keep you stuck in your comfort zone. When you act in spite of your mood, you are choosing to manage and control your mind instead of letting it control you!

So the next time you're not feeling "in the mood", either change your thinking or simply say to your mind, "thank you for sharing". Then focus on only taking the very first step to get started, then take another, and another. One step at a time until the law of momentum kicks in. By then, chances are you'll forget all about not being "in the mood", and will be well on your way to completing whatever it was you needed to do...and feeling great about it!



I act in spite of my mood.


For your freedom,

T. Harv Eker

Best-Selling Author of SpeedWealth and the world famous Millionaire Mind Seminar, President of Peak Potentials Training

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