Selasa, April 08, 2008

jom baca lagi

baru2 nak berkecimpung dalam dunia investment so aku ada beli beberapa buku untuk di baca... hehehe... ada ker masa nyer weh...

With 16 priceless lessons that reduce risk through proper planning, this powerhouse guide removes the mystique from successful investing by helping readers switch from thinking poor to thinking rich.

For years, Robert Kiyosaki has firmly believed that the best investment one can ever make is in taking the time to truly understand how one's finances work. Too many people are much more interested in the quick-hitting scheme, or trying to find a short-cut to real wealth. As Kiyosaki has preached over and over again, one has to truly under the process of how money works before one can start out on trying to escape the daily financial Rat Race.

Now, in this latest book in the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad series, Kiyosaki lays out his 5 key principles of Financial Intelligence for all to understand. In SHARPEN YOUR FINANCIAL IQ, Kiyosaki provides real insights on these key steps to wealth:

  • How to increase your money -- how to assess what you're really worth now, what your prospects are, and how to start mapping out your financial future.
  • How to protect your money -- for better or for worse, taxes are a way of life. Kiyosaki shows you that "it's not what you make....it's what you keep."
  • How to budget your money -- everybody wants to live large, but you have to learn how to live within your budget. Kiyosaki shows you how you can.
  • How to leverage your money -- as you build your financial IQ, knowing how to put your money to work for you is a crucial step.
  • How to improve your financial information -- Kiyosaki shows you how to accelerate your wealth as you learn more and more.

This book is aimed at those who want to learn and master the secrets of selling unit trusts effectively. It is often said that most investor want to buy, but do not like to be sold. Hence, it is important for unit trust consultants (new and old) to arm themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to 'sell' without coming across as 'just another unit trust consultant'.

hope aku akan ada masa laa nak selak2 buku nih... tak kan nak baca kat opis ek... har har har... kena laa baca kat umah tunggu anak2 dah settle down tido nyenyak... huhuhu... insya-Allah.

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ruszia berkata...

kuatnya semangat mebaca
saya ni semangat membeli ajer..tapi bacanya idakk

chilun @ cik pau @ bibimie berkata...

erkk... ini pun semangat membeli gak nih... baca nyer belum tentu lagi bila... huhuhu...