Isnin, Mac 10, 2008

jom baca

konon2 nak abiskan baca buku2 nih... tapi tertangguh...

summary : In this book two highly credentialed child psychologists offer a compelling indictment of the growing trend toward accelerated learning. It's a message that stressed-out parents are craving to hear: Letting tots learn through play is not only okay-it's better than drilling academics! Drawing on overwhelming scientific evidence from their own studies and the collective research results of child development experts, and addressing the key areas of development-math, reading, verbal communication, science, self-awareness, and social skills-the authors explain the process of learning from a child's point of view. They then offer parents 40 age-appropriate games for creative play. These simple, fun--yet powerful exercises work as well or better than expensive high-tech gadgets to teach a child what his ever-active, playful mind is craving to learn.

Remember, the best thing that parents can spend on their child is their time!

This book was written primarily to bridge the gap between home and school. It contains weekly activities to correspond to the development patterns of each age group from birth to age five. There are 260 age appropriate activities that mainly use household items for materials.

Explicit details are written in laymens language to ensure that people who use this book will understand HOW to implement each activity. As a retired kindergarten teacher with over 25 years experience I know that many gaps in learning can be prevented if children are subjected to brief, stimulating and challenging experiences at the appropriate age and development level. Each exercise takes about 10 minutes.

This bestselling classic with more than one million copies sold in hardcover illustrates just how easy it is for children to learn to read. Doman shows clearly, and illustrates with fascinating case histories, just how to teach young children to read--and what a great benefit early reading is to both children and their parents.

buku2 lain banyak lagi... nanti aku tambah lain kali... tapi buku2 nih mmg aku nak baca sesangat ler cuma masa tu mcm tak baper nak ada... keh keh keh...

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mamafiza berkata...

Dear Miss bibimie,

Wish you were in sweet moment ^_-

Thank you so much for your care, love and support. I'm truly appreciate it!

What a great selection of books! *cuddles*

Insya-Allah you could possibly finish reading 'em this month. *gambatte ne*

Please send my best hugs n kisses to ur lil kiddies.

p/s: Welcome to the club! Just noticed that you'd owned such a wonderful blog today. Hope I'm not to late to say "Congratulation Miss bibimie" ;)

chilun @ cik pau @ bibimie berkata...

tq mamafiza... my blog tak ler sehebat ur blog... very impressive.
i baru jer berjinak2. terima kasih kerana melawat.