Isnin, Mac 10, 2008

multiple intelligences

aku copy from blog sis ana... bleh ek sis...? tq... and posting dari blog rizza tentang gifted and talented children. tq jugak utk rizza.

Ni aku tempek 8 multiple intelligences as recognised by the internatial society. As a reminder for me not to be so obsessed on how many A's my children going to bring back throughout their shcooling years. (Demmit! I'm sucks as mother as well!)
BTW, here it is for your info:_
Eight Ways of Being Smart
1) Verbal-Linguistic
Is strong in: reading, writing, telling stories, memorizing dates, thinking in words.
Likes to: read, write, talk, memorize, work at puzzles.
Learns best through: reading, hearing and seeing words, speaking, writing, discussing and debating.
2) Math-Logic
Is strong in: math, reasoning, logic, problem-solving, patterns.
Likes to: solve problems, question, work with numbers, experiment.
Learns best through: working with patterns and relationships, classifying, categorizing, working with the abstract.
3) Spatial
Is strong in: reading, maps, charts, drawing, mazes, puzzles, imaging things, visualization.
Likes to: design, draw, build, create, daydream, look at pictures.
Learns best through: working with pictures and colors, visualizing, drawing.
4) Bodily- Kinesthetic
Is strong in: athletics, dancing, acting, crafts, using tools.
Likes to: move around, touch and talk, body language.
Learns best through: touching, moving, processing knowledge through bodily sensations.
5) Musical
Is strong in: singing, picking up sounds, remembering melodies, rhythms.
Likes to: sing, hum, play an instrument, listen to music.
Learns best through: rhythm, melody, singing, listening to music and melodies.
6) Interpersonal
Is strong in: understanding people, leading, organizing, communicating, resolving conflicts, selling.
Likes to: have friends, talk to people, join groups.
Learns best through: sharing, comparing, relating, interviewing, cooperating.
7) Intrapersonal
Is strong in: understanding people, leading, organizing, communicating, resolving conflicts, selling.
Likes to: work alone, reflect, pursue interests.
Learns best through: working alone, doing self-paced projects, having space, reflecting.
8) Naturalist
Is strong in: understanding nature, making distinctions, identifying flora and fauna.
Likes to: be involved with nature, make distinctions.
Learns best through: working in nature, exploring things, learning about plants and natural events.

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