Jumaat, Ogos 22, 2008

Colin the whale

uhukss... nak menangis rasa nyer bila baca citer nih. tingat anak aku kat umah. walau pun ini Colin cuma haiwan... tapi dia jugak ada perasaan. selain dari anak aku, tingat jugak kat baby2 yang mmg orang sengaja buang... mmg giler laa... anak2 kecil mesti cari mak dia lebih2 lagi time lapar... adehhh... sedih wooo... bergenang dah air mata aku nih.

dalam blog sis anamiraa pun dia ada jumpa ini Colin tengah bertempek kat bot yang dia ingat mak dia.. act like nak menyusu gitu... aisehhh... sedih ler... iskss... nih aku tempek gambar Colin... yang sis ana capture... sangat cantik tapi mengundang kesedihan aku... iskss..

THE baby humpback whale stranded in a Sydney waterway will be euthanased some time tonight, wildlife authorities say.

The decision was made at a meeting of NSW Parks and Wildlife Service workers, scientists and representatives of other agencies early tonight.

Rescuers have opted against making another attempt to shepherd the starving 4.5 metre whale calf into open water.

Affectionately named Colin, the calf is believed to be about two or three weeks old.

It was first spotted on Sunday, nuzzling up to a yacht in the northern Sydney waterway, apparently searching for its mother.

A veterinary report late this afternoon found the animal was in a very poor condition and would probably not live through tonight.

The mammal is suffering from previous shark inflicted injuries, is experiencing breathing difficulties and its flukes are hanging down.

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Mummy HnH berkata...

isk, sedeylaa baca pasal Colin nie... saya tak jumpa lak kat paper (tak perasan kot), seb baik ader post kat sini.. kesian nyer dia ingat ship tue mummy dier... isk, sedey2..